Shorten URLs with Dobitcc smart targeting features, track each and every click, and use the advanced analytics reports to optimize for better results.


Some Of Our Amazing Features

Custom Alias

You can use the custom alias to brand your links and make it easy to remember.

Password Protect

You can protect your links from unauthorized access simply by entering a password.

Redirection Types

Choose the redirection type you want to use from the available multiple redirection types.

Smart Targeting

Target Visitors according to the country, operating system, device type, and device model.


Use bundles to organize links and make bundles public or private according to your requirements.

Advanced Statistics

Advanced statics by Number of Clicks, Countries, Continents, States, Cities, and more.

Display Website Articles

Display your blog articles on your links pages by simply integrating the blog into your account.

Comments System

Let visitors comment on your links by easily integrating Disqus comments for your links pages.

Mass Shrinker

With our mass shrinker tool, you can easily shorten multiple URLs by entering all URLs at once.

Easily Manage Links

Easily manage links within your dashboard and edit, hide or delete links at any time.

Developer API System

Our advanced API System allows you to build your own application with our API.

Full Page Script

Use our full page script to shorten all URLs in a web page simply by putting a small javascript code.


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